The secret is in Bag

handled with care using the ‘one touch’ system

It is a common misconception that because we guarantee a fresh, wrapped product that lasts twice as long as it’s fresh-cut version, that it must have had something added to it. That’s not the case.
•    Each lettuce is cut firm and packed into modified atmosphere packaging which substantially extends the shelf life of the product.
•    Each tray of lettuce is then snap cooled within an hour of harvest. This rapid chilling process achieved through vacuum cooling is the other secret in producing the superior quality long lasting Staycrisp range of products.
•    Our produce is cut fresh daily and can be delivered to you within 24 hours.
•    A 14+ day shelf life can be expected from this product if the correct cool chain is maintained.

For too long, lettuces have been boring. Up until now, that is. The secret is in the bag, and in the vacuum snap-chilling.
SWANPOT HARVEST is the only South Australian producer successfully vacuum cooling fresh produce.